I was asked about using youtube for marketing your show through video. A fear among some podcasters is that their audio show will lose subscribers to their video show. However, the opposite is true! You are much more likely to gain subscribers and downloads if you market your show on youtube, and Facebook with videos. People who love youtube, are ON youtube. And you’re probably not going to reach them with your amazing content, without going to YouTube to find them! And they may not subscribe to your podcast, but the there’s always the chance that they will, and you’ve just gained a follower. Now, you may ask whether it’s worth the time, and effort to produce video. Well, I think it is as long as you do it wisely! Be smart. rather than create a live video of your show (which can take a while, and be difficult for podcasters who don’t record their show all in one take) create a video made up of your podcast cover art, and your audio (of course).

There’s an easy way to do this. In PowerPoint, or KeyNote (I use KeyNote), simply drag and drop your cover art, and your audio file in to a new project. You’ll just use one slide, and export it as a video. KeyNote allows you to export as an Mp4 which uploads fantastically to YouTube, and Facebook. Within 30 seconds I have a video to upload to YouTube. And now my podcast is in front of one of the largest audiences in the world! An audience that my podcast would likely never have without it. You will pick up new subscribers, just make sure you mention that your show is a PODCAST, and that they should subscribe to the podcast if they’re watching on video.