In today’s episode I offer a rare voice tip after having argued that you shouldn’t worry so much about your voice in a previous episode. 🙂

I also respond to Nick Fogle from regarding a comment he left on my website. He provided some reasons to choose Wavv over free versions of Audiogram. I think it’s a cool tool, but a little costly given the fact that you’re only really getting a moving waveform. Otherwise, you can do much more with KeyNote, or Windows Movie Make. I use Keynote to create videos from my podcast. They don’t contain a moving wave form, obviously. But I can add whatever text, videos, and images that I choose. And I’m not limited with regard to the length of my video.

I also answered a question regarding how to update the information in iTunes about your podcast. This may seem like a simple question to those who have been in the industry for a while, but the this is a perfect example of the sort of question that a beginner will have. And this podcast is definitely for beginners. 🙂

Finally, I talked about podcast editing services, and why you shouldn’t have to use them in the first place, but why they might be the right solution for some people. Specifically, if you’re not using my method for podcasting you may very well need to hire a podcast editor to edit our podcasts. If you’re following my method, you won’t have to edit your podcast much at all, and you preparing your podcast for publishing should only take a few minutes.

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