So, you want to start a podcast?

Introducing the “How To Start a Podcast” Video Course!

So, you want to start a podcast, but you’re not sure how?  Then keep reading!

I can’t blame you if you’re lost when it comes to podcasting. Podcasting is even more confusing now than when I started nearly 10 years ago.

Maybe you’re confused about equipment and software, or unsure how to process and edit audio, or overwhelmed by all of the publishing options. Or, maybe you podcast-itemslack the skills required to produce a great show. There are so many options, and methods when it comes to podcasting! Here are some of the questions people have when trying to start a high quality podcast:

  • How do I get a high quality sound without a recording studio?
  • What are the best microphones, audio editing applications, and services?
  • How do I actually produce a podcast episode? (Recording, editing, encoding, publishing, etc.)
  • How can I syndicate my podcast through iTunes, Google Play, etc?
  • How can I make better podcast episodes, and grow my audience?

Listen, a podcast will allow you to share your ideas with the world, market your business, build a community, learn from others, and so much more, but

starting a podcast can be very frustrating, time consuming, and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And take it from me, learning how to podcast as you go can take years and cost thousands. It’s best to know what you’re doing before you start spending money, and start trying to publish your podcast.

Ready to learn how to podcast BETTER than the pros?

I’ll let you in on an industry secret:

 Most of the pros are offering poor advice to new podcasters!  

It’s true, and that’s why I created this course! Because after all these years I learned that most of the gurus have it wrong when it comes to podcasting. 

They suggest useless, out-dated, rack-mounted equipment. The wrong type of microphones. Over-priced software, or “free” software that costs you in time, and effort!

The information in my course is based on 10 years of podcasting and audio engineering experience. I suggest only the most optimal podcast setup! Yet, I also provide instructions on alternative methods as well. 

And I update it as new hardware, software, and services become available. I keep on the cutting edge of the industry, and I update my course to reflect the best podcasting resources available.

And I have to tell you, I wish I had this information provided to me when I first started. I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes!

In this course you’ll received a straight-forward, step-by-step, guide that will quickly walk you through setting up, producing, and publishing a great sounding podcast that will generate an audience and won’t cost you thousands of dollars to set up.

You’ll learn everything you need to know, including:

  • Exactly what equipment to use so that your recordings sound the best. (There’s a lot of bad advice about equipment)  – Microphone, mobile boom arm, universal shock-mount, the BEST mobile interface in the industry, AND my secret weapon (Shh!)
  • Exactly how to set it up in order to ensure the highest quality recordings!
  • Exactly what audio editing software is best for recording, and editing, podcasts. (Again, there’s a lot of bad information out there.)
  • Exactly which software/services to use to record interviews without having to set up any specialized external equipment.
  • Exactly how to use software for editing, and processing audio so that it sounds incredible!
  • Exactly what services you should use to host, and publish your podcast! (This might surprise you!)
  • Exactly how to set up those services. (Because who likes learning through trial and error?)
  • Exactly how to use those services to publish your podcast.
  • My exact workflow, step-by-step, for recording insanely great sounding podcasts. 
  • Exactly how to market you podcasts for the best return on investment.
  • Exactly how to prepare your podcast files for publishing.
  • And a lot more… 

What’s so unique about this podcast course?

  • You will learn the  most optimal method for getting started  with podcasting.  The best gear, the best software, the best settings, the best services! Not the most expensive, or the cheapest, but the most optimal.
  • You’ll learn how to produce the highest quality podcast in the industry! And you won’t have to spend $1,500, or more!
  • You will learn a method that is completely mobile. Yes, a mobile podcast studio that provides the quality of a high-end studio.
  • You will learn secrets that most podcast pros are still in the dark about. 
  • You will be learn more than one way to podcast with instructions on multiple software options and services. It’s not one-size-fits-all, there are some parts of podcasting where there have to be alternative solutions for some people. And I provide those as much as I can.


I could tell you a lot more about what’s in this course, and about what is still to come, but you would be better served by diving in today, and learning t.

Get access to the “How To Start A Podcast” course today, and you’ll get a free phone consultation with me where you can ask me anything you want about podcasting!

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