A lot of podcasters get stuck editing out mouth sounds, breathing, and other oddities picked up while recording their podcast. including background noises, and reverb. In addition they mix together opening, and closing music, and other audio clips. Sometimes they even have to sync up their audio recordings with those of their guests, or co-hosts. Today, I wanted to address a question I received, and talk about how I’m able to produce a podcast with only 2 minutes of editing. In other words, how I record so that I don’t have to edit.

I use software (audio highjack) that allows me to record my audio, and my guests, along with my audio clips, on the fly to separate (or the same) audio files all synced perfectly together (with regard to time). All I have to do when I’m done is add the files together in my DAW. They are already automatically synced up perfectly, because I record using Audio Highjack. So, when I import them to Twisted Wave they sync perfectly when I save the file as a .wav file. I do run my vocal processing effects (which just takes a couple of minutes.

In addition, I have the perfect audio booth so I don’t worry about reverb, or outside noises. I also use proper mic technique so that I don’t create loud breaths, and so on. I also use a gate as part of my vocal processing effects stack. I actually use two gates. I have a special trick that prevents some of the issues that often arise when people use gates.

All of these things together bring my editing time to a matter of seconds. The two minuets is spent just waiting for the vocal effects processing stack to run.

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