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Today’s episode is a short one, but it’s worth a listen, because today I’m going to tell you about a little known free too l that will allow you to quickly turn your podcast into an animated, branded,  video with a caption for sharing on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The interesting thing is that there is a service that resells this free tool for a monthly fee. But why pay monthly when the application is free? Enjoy!

EDIT: Note that the free service offered at the link above is limited. You can only created videos of a specified length. If you install the open-source software on your computer (which may not be easy for some to do as it runs as a web application and requires other software to be installed first) the limitations are lifted, but you’ll need some coding knowledge if you want to customize it much. As a result, many may opt to simply use the limited features available at to post a short video plugging their new podcast episodes. However, the team at Wavv are offering a lot more as they’ve customized the code to add extra features. You may find that wavv is worth the price. Check them out at

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