In today’s episode I answer the question, “Is Inherent Interference Noise Is Killing Your Podcasts Audio Quality?” In addition I give a microphone recommendation for those new podcasters looking for a budget microphone that is flexible, and right for podcasting.

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How to prevent interference noise in your podcast.

Use balanced XLR cables. Buy them on Amazon, or a local music store. This is a must.

Keeping your mic cables separate from your XLR cables. Don’t run your cables close together, or touching each other.

Don’t use a loud computer for recording. Loud fans, or electronics will interfere with your recording. I hear this all the time in new podcasts. It can make post-production a nightmare.

Don’t by cheap equipment – cheap microphones with built in cables that pic up noise.

Just say “no!” to cheap mixing boards. For the most part, podcasters don’t even need mixing boards. They’re overrated!

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