Learn everything you need to know to produce high quality, professional podcasts

After 10 years of experience in podcasting and audio engineering I can’t keep my podcasting blueprint a secret anymore. Hand’s down, it’s the best formula for producing a high quality podcast! And for years I kept it to myself, and clients. Now I want everyone to have access to the best information about podcasting.

Cut through the confusion about podcasting

With so many options available, along with varying methods, and a lot of bad advice circulating the internet starting a high quality podcast can be rather confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. I created this video course to provide you with direct answers, and laser focused step-by-step tutorials.

Waste no money, make no mistakes

While my podcasting method isn’t “low-budget,” it is 100% optimized so that you get the most out of your investment. You’ll spend less, but get much more out of the equipment, software, and services that I suggest versus other methods. And even if you decide to deviate form my course, you’ll still learn a ton of useful information that you’ll find very helpful.

Rank with the best podcasts

You’ll rank with the best produced, highest quality, professional podcasts in the industry when you follow my blueprint for starting your podcast. You’ll learn everything you need to know to interview guests, play audio clips on-the-fly, process your audio so that it sounds amazing, and so, so, much more!

Stay on-top of the best in podcasting

You’ll get access to a lot more than my course when you sign up. You’ll also get access to future tutorials, and courses that I’m working on right now! Keep up with the latest in the industry without getting bogged down by useless information, products, and services. I only focus on training for the most optimal methods, products, and services.

Is my podcast course right for you?

If you don’t care about the quality of your podcast, or you’re just looking for the cheapest way to get a podcast started, then this course isn’t for you…yet! I say “yet,” because it won’t take long for you to figure out that in order to start a podcast that people will listen to you need to put some work into making the podcast sound good, or (better yet) great!

For those who want to learn how to podcast better than 99% of podcasters out there, you’ll love my course, supplemental tutorials, and hands-on customization bonuses. 

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for the “How to Start a Podcast” course.

✓ You’ll learn exactly which equipment is most optimal! No questions, no mistakes, no wasted money.

✓ You’ll learn why most equipment advice from podcast gurus is totally bunk, and a waste of money, and time.

✓ You’ll learn exactly how to set up the the equipment (in less than 60 seconds).

✓ You’ll learn exactly what settings to use on the equipment for optimal recording quality. Again, no confusion, questions, or mistakes.

✓ You’ll learn how to record, and interview guests using the most optimal software for mac, and windows. Again, the most optimal software! My suggestions are always based on what will give you the most bang for your buck without overspending.

✓ You’ll learn how to record audio clips, and music, on-the-fly (while recording your vocals, and interviewees vocals to the same, or separate, files). This will include how to manually “duck” audio on-the-fly, among other things.

✓ You’ll learn how to edit your podcast using the right software. Following my method, editing can take as little as a few minutes.

✓ You’ll learn exactly which audio processing plugins are most optimal for podcasting. Including a group of free plugins that will give your podcast a great sound.

✓ You’ll learn exactly which settings I use to process my audio.

✓ You’ll learn exactly how to export your audio for the highest fidelity, and lowest file size.

✓ You’ll learn how to properly tag your podcast file.

✓ You’ll learn how to publish your podcast, and have it automatically sent to iTunes, Google Play, and many other podcast aggregators.

✓ You’ll learn how to market your podcast through solid search engine optimization techniques.

✓ You’ll learn how to set up your website, and your RSS feed (required for podcasting).

✓ You’ll learn how to set up the most effective, yet inexpensive, vocal booth.

✓ And a whole lot more!


Don’t miss this!

For a limited time I’ll be offering everyone who signs up two very important bonuses:

1) A 30 minute phone/skype consultation – $100

I want your feedback, and in exchange for it I will answer any questions you have about anything at all relate to podcasting, online marketing, wordpress, etc.

2) A customized vocal processing set-up

This is actually much, much, more valuable than the cost of my course. Audio engineering is a highly technically skill, and I know that some will struggle with what settings to use to when setting up audio plugins for processing their vocals. So I’m offering to use a sample of your vocal recording, and setup a processing stack (a group of audio plugin settings) that will make your voice sound like it was recorded in a voice-over studio. Armed with the exact settings, and plugins, you’ll need you can replicate the stack for editing your vocal recordings when preparing your podcast! This services is invaluable. This service often costs $40-$100/ per episode, and audio engineers never share their exact processing stack with you. I’m doing the exact opposite at a lower cost.

and access to ALL future courses!




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