On today’s session I discuss the following big mistakes that new podcasters make when starting their new podcast.

Creating shows about nothing
Not planning their content
Not setting up a proper studio space
Bad equipment
No post production – editing, applying vocal effects
Relying on a podcast hosting service, rather than hosting your own

Creating shows about nothing

I still see new podcasters making these same mistakes when only a little bit of research would prevent them. Hopefully this series will give some new podcasters proper warning, and help them before they make these mistakes.

Creating shows about nothing is never a good idea. I don’t know why people do it. Not only will your show have no direction, but no one will want to listen to the show. Perhaps if you’re a celebrity, or a comedian, who can do just about anything and make it fun and entertaining. But most of us aren’t in that position.

Not planning their podcast content

I suggest everyone plan their content. At least make an outline for your show before recording. You don’t have to script the entire show, but in some cases that works as well. In any case, make sure your show is planned and you’re not just winging it. Again, some of us can do this if we know enough about the topic. However, new podcasters better not risk it.

Not setting up a proper podcast studio space

Proper studio space is a must. At least find a place with a little sound proofing built in if not a designed studio space. My suggest is to simply buy some inexpensive blow up mattresses and cover them with blankets and place on in front of the area where you’re speaking. You don’t have to do this in all cases, but if your room really reverberates then it may be a good idea.

Podcast Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be a killer, and this is what I suffer from. In many cases a podcast never even gets off the ground if someone is too much of a perfectionist. it doesn’t have to be perfect, and it never will be perfect. You podcast just has to be good enough. Good content, good equipment, good editing. and you’re good to go.

Bad Podcasting Equipment

Good equipment is a must. At least get a decent microphone! I’ve talked about this before. Don’t get a condenser microphone. Get a dynamic. See me previous episodes on microphones. If you can, buy a proper microphone preamp and interface for your computer. You don’t need expensive rack-mounted equipment, and mixing boards. Just a quality microphone preamp. I talk about this in my course, and I tell you exactly how to use the Zoom h6 and set it up for the best recording.

No post production on their podcast

Don’t make the mistake of refusing to edit your podcast after you’ve recorded. I don’t mean to simply mix the tracks together. I also mean to take the tracks and apply some vocal processing effects, and to edit the episode so that loud noises, coughing, and other annoying sounds are eliminated so that the listeners can focus on the content. Yes, it takes time, but a lot of people won’t even listen to your podcast if it sounds ridiculous. Some shows out there are so bad I can’t believe that anyone listens to them. Haha.

Using Third Party Podcast Hosting

And finally, for goodness sake, don’t let a third part service like Libsyn host you podcast files. You’ll be limited by them, you’ll pay more than you need to, and when you want to leave their service you’ll have another headache to deal with. Set up your own hosting, run a wordpress website, and upload your files to your own server. In my course I show you how to set all of this up in not time. It doesn’t require coding, or any special knowledge. It’s easy, and I show you how to do it step by step.

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