Part two of my series on the biggest mistakes that new podcasters make. These mistakes aren’t as serious as the previous list, but they are still mistakes!

Not keeping your podcast content consistent

Don’t start a show with a specific theme, and format, and then start changing it every episode! You’ll have a hard time building an audience. Make sure you have your content them, and format, settled before you start your podcast.

Focusing too much on statistics right away

You’ll get burned out, and demoralized, if you care too much about your download statistics. Don’t bother paying attention to your downloads until you’re a good 25-50 episodes into your show. Instead, focus on your show’s content, and on connecting with your audience.

Not scheduling your podcast, and releasing a show consistently

Make sure you release your podcast consistently. When you first get started it’s not a big deal, but as you build an audience you’ll need to make sure to give them the content they crave on a consistent basis.

Not making sure their podcast feed still works

Make sure you podcast was successfully released! You should be subscribed to your own podcast in iTunes, Google Play, Casts, Stitcher, and so on.

Naming their podcast episodes as numbers

This is simple, don’t name your podcast HTSAP_Episode_0010…
Make sure your podcast names are written for humans, and reflect your content.

Not accounting for search engine optimization

If you want people to find your podcast easily, you need to title your podcast episodes in a way that includes the keywords you want to those episodes to be found for when potential listeners are searching. This is really easy, just make sure that your episode titles are succinct, and reflect the content of your episodes.

Bad podcast cover art

Make sure your cover art is well designed so that your title is readable even when the image is small (as it will be smaller on mobile devices). You want your image to look professional, too. No pixelated, or ugly artwork. Make sure the dimensions and files size are correct as well.

Not submitting their podcast to directories

Get your podcast our there by submitting it every where. Not just iTunes, and Google Play, but ever podcast aggregator and directory. Besides iTunes, and Google Play, make sure your podcast is in Stitcher, I Heart Radio, Mirro, Over Cast, Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict,, Clammer, Blubrry, and others.


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